Stunning sea view + Smart deco = Great deal: Serviced Office in Tsim Sha Tsui

The editor has the opportunity to visit one of the serviced office in Tsim Sha Tsui – “ATLASPACE”. Out of my expectation, coworking spaces nowadays have already evolved to provide more than just a wide spectrum of facilities and services.

It has been our common knowledge that you must spend a fortune to rent commercial office spaces in Hong Kong, particularly those Grade A offices situated in prime locations. It is especially not easy for SMEs to rent such a place. However, the new concept of “coworking space” booming recently has become a comprehensive solution for “startups” and “slashers” who seek an economic yet fully equipped office space suitable for meeting their clients.

The editor has the opportunity to visit one of the coworking spaces in Tsim Sha Tsui – “ATLASPACE”. Out of my expectation, coworking spaces nowadays have already evolved to provide more than just a wide spectrum of facilities and services. They are now striving to promote working efficiency of their tenants by creating a comfortable and stylish working environment through discerning interior design and decoration.

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Located at Harbour City, Tsim Sha Tsui, ATLASPACE is only 10-minute walk away from the High Speed Rail West Kowloon Station. It is very convenient if you have to frequently travel to and from Hong Kong and the Mainland.

Just one step into the entrance of ATLASPACE, you will find yourself standing in the coworking area. If not being told beforehand, I thought I had entered the lobby lounge of a five-star hotel by mistake. With such a welcoming and classy atmosphere, I am sure it can facilitate easier communication between the tenants and their guests and it is thus beneficial to building up networks.

ATLASPACE is a serviced office with unmatched panoramic view of the Victoria Harbour. It is a perk that few people can enjoy for being able to admire the stunning sea view whilst at work.

Moreover, ATLASPACE offers enterprise standard high-speed internet, certified firewall and unlimited power supply. You can work trouble-free until small hours because their in-house technical support, staffed by a team of professional IT talents, is at your service anytime and around-the-clock!

The furniture supplied by ATLASPACE includes ergonomic seats and height-adjustable desks. Not only can they help improve your posture but can also lower your fatigue. I am pleased to know that ATLASPACE is so considerate that they even take good care of the occupational wellbeing of their tenants who may have to work ten-odd hours a day.

If you wish to have more privacy, you may opt for an independent serviced office room. Each room is equipped with an exclusive “Magic Box”, combining a photocopier, a shredder and an all-in-one pantry with facilities like water dispenser and refrigerator. It is a must have for busy bees who like to save a trip back and forth the common pantry.

ATLASPACE have 6 high-tech conference rooms which can be set up flexibly at your request. Video conference equipment is installed in all conference rooms to enable instant and smooth vis-à-vis connection with your global partners. Most importantly, all conference rooms are partitioned with smart glass panels which can be frosted when necessary to enhance privacy.

Who is not fully occupied nowadays in Hong Kong? I myself don’t want to deal with extra administrative chores. Look no further, as ATLASPACE have put on standby a “Guest Experience Team” to handle all miscellaneous works for their prestigious tenants – from mailing your letters to booking your flights – you name it! It is like having your own private secretary.

What if you feel drained and need to recharge? I don’t want to drag my exhausted body out of the office just to grab myself a cup of coffee. No problem, as ATLASPACE have brought the coffee shop to you! “The Lounge Bar” has a crew of baristas ready to serve you with freshly prepared beverages, such as hand-dripped coffees, selected teas and fruit-based specialty drinks.

Last but not least, if you want to be left alone quietly, you may always hide in the “Magic Hub” where you may seek refuge in the grand massage chair.

ATLASPACE – satisfying all needs for work spaces, meetings and events of any scale.

Tel: 3921 5555
Address: 16/F. Sun Life Tower, The Gateway, Harbour City, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong.